5x5 Nurikabe

Time 0:00
Puzzle # 097606

How to Play


  • Each numbered cell represents the start of an "island", which must be separated from the other islands by the "river".
  • Islands can touch on the corners.
  • The river must be all of one piece, and cannot form any "pools" of 2x2 (or more) cells, but can have multiple branches.
  • White or Gray Cells are land, Black Cells are water.
  • Left click to toggle between land and water, right click to erase
  • Solution

    Other Resources

  • Logic Games Online has an excellent puzzle selection and archives. I cribbed off Josh for the interface of this site. Thanks, Josh!
  • Puzzle-Nurikabe has a load of puzzles, including many sizes, but they tend to be too easy.
  • Wikipedia has an article, naturally.